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As an advocate of healthy living in all aspects of my life, I am truly horned and humbled to be featured in The website focuses on inspiring and motivating generation Y (those who were born between 1982 and 2001) to become financially independent by bringing them closer to their lives as pioneers and entrepreneurs. Overall to live by the belief that positivity attracts positivity.

I truly believe that you bring the vibrations (good and bad) to the energy you give out.Think about it, when you doubt yourself, naturally it’s almost impossible to deliver to your fullest capabilities. You are creating a mental block that shapes your reality. Now think about a time where you challenged yourself, you took the time to believe in your goals, executed a plan, and simple told yourself YES I CAN!  I guarantee the outcome was a 100% better!

You deserve to live a positive life.  Negative relationships are just as  detrimental to your personal growth. Imagine being constantly discouraged from pursuing your  dreams because “very few people make it big.”  Sorry cut them off, life is too short!

This feature took a deeper look on the woman that I am today. Touching subjects pertaining to struggles and my personal spiritual journey. I encourage everyone to go out for their dreams; while the road to success is never easy you must believe in the power of positivity and faith. Remember you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind!  Read full article here:




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Chardelle Moore

Chardelle Moore is a multitalented television personality, producer, award winning motivational speaker, humanitarian and model.