Chardelle Moore

Chardelle Moore

Chardelle Moore is a multitalented television personality, producer, award winning motivational speaker, humanitarian and model.

Thursday, 02 August 2012 17:25

Chardelle Moore Empowers And Inspires

Chardelle Moore is featured “Inside Dominica”- “Chardelle Moore Empowers And Inspires" Click the link


So I love fashion! I describe my style as eclectic mixture of everything! I love vintage, cultural inspired garments, bright colors, bold pieces, and anything sparkly! As the host for the 2012 Miss Caribbean Metro USA pageant, I knew that I wanted to go with something sparkly!I wore a gold and silver tube dress paired with gold accessories. A perfect look to host an event or hit the town. Check out my “LOOK” photos by amazing friend Simon Enterprise 

Wednesday, 01 August 2012 15:45

Hosting Miss Caribbean Metro USA 2012


12 beautiful contestants competed in the Miss Caribbean Metro USA 2012 Pageant representing   Dominica, Dominican Republic, St Lucia, Virginia Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana, and Haiti.

 I hosted the event alongsideLiane Angus, a former Miss DC USA winner, and1st runner up in the Miss USA Pageant.  

 The ladies were fierce, educated, community involved, and beautiful.  Anytime you compete in a pageant, it’s not easy! Getting up in front of a crowd of people showcasing your talent, answer questions, and not to mention wearing a swimsuit!

I told all the contestants use this opportunity and MILK IT. You don’t have to win the crown to make personal and professional progress.  Go out there and make a name for yourself! Use this as your push!  I have competed in a pageant before and done competitions where I did not win, but guess what? I took the experiences and ran with it!  I still got my press, made connections, and got even more involved.  Everything in life is how you make it! Congratulations to ALL the ladies and I can’t wait to see ALL OF YOU soar.

 Winner - Charise Licorish/Guyana; First Runner up - Jenelle Mungo/Trinidad and Tobago; Second Runner up - Nandi Walcott/St. Lucia.






When I was in college my friend and I founded the African Caribbean Student Association at Marymount University. (ACSA)

She was from Ethiopia and I was from the Caribbean. As a proud Dominica, I always tell people that I am also a proud African!

 I believe we are all Africans, regardless of where we are from. We all come from one race and that’s the human race and creation began in Africa.

I can still remember conducting a forum in college called “Africans, Caribbean’s, Americans: Similarities, Clashes, and Differences” as you can image this forum got intense!

The African born students believed African- American were completely brainwashed and they felt African-Americans felt like they were superior to them and they also felt the Caribbean’s were very confused.

The Caribbean students failed to connect to their African heritage and said it was hard from them to relate to African Americans since their culture is very different. One of the members said, “I Jamaican, Caribbean, period, mi not African.”   

 The African American Americans students could not understand why they should connect to their African roots in the first place since American culture is all they ever knew.

After much debating back and forum, the group was beginning to come together.

 We realized we were more alike than we thought. History has such a profound impact on us that were literally dividing each other.

 Off course we all have different cultures. Duh!  We all know that! One country in Africa has several different ethic tribes and languages that are very different from one another.  Dominica is a small island and you will see the different cultures. However we cannot deny our roots.

I love leading forums because even with all the craziness it brings an open flow of communication and greater understanding.

By the time I graduated, ACSA became one of the most active clubs on campus and in the metropolitan community. People from all over the world joined the organization!

Now let’s talk now… 2012.  Recently someone said to me “You are not African, you are Caribbean!” Off course everyone is entitled to their opinion but the funny thing is this person has African born parents but was born in the United States.  So how are we different?

Once again the division continues but I will never stopping expressing how I feel. 

 Don’t get me wrong, I am proud to be a Caribbean! Dominican gal for life! I come from a mix ethnic Dominican background of Kalinago Indian, African, and European, but I will NEVER deny my African ancestry.

Let me ask you guys something.  If cat is born a cat, migrates to the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, wherever, the Cat will always be a Cat right? Exactly than why can’t people recognize their African roots? 



As a television host, I love being in front of the camera, but I also a model and I enjoy ripping the runway. I believe both industries require artistic expression and everyone knows I love the stage! I recently graced the catwalk at Caribbean Style & Culture Fashion Show  featuring fashion designers from Jamaica, Guyana, St. Vincent, and Trinidad & Tobago. Caribbean Style & Culture captures the flair, glamour, and the lavish elegance of the Caribbean region while spotlighting the dynamic and innovative Caribbean Fashion Industry and awarding the significant contributions the designers have made over the years.  Check it out! 

The older I get the more I realized how unpredictable life is. The only thing in life that is constant is change, and if you are unable to adapt to change, you cannot thrive to your fullest potentional. Everyone who came in our life or any experience we encountered good or bad is never regret but a learning tool. I don’t live my life with regrets or fears because life is WAY too short.

As a young woman, I am learning so much about myself everyday; my relationship with God, what I want in life, my goals, etc. It’s not always easy. I came to terms that not everyone is going to get you, even when your thoughts may be so innocent; there is still someone who might get offended. Not everyone will understand your vision, goals, and ideologies. We are all different and everyone is entitled to their beliefs and the way they feel. However, if you know that your intentions are pure, and you put God first, never stop believing or questioning yourself!

I got a lot to learn.  My quest for spiritual growth, knowledge, and personal progress grows stronger everyday.  We are human so we are all flawed by nature, but I also know that there is something very unique about all of us. So go out there, put God first, follow your dreams, make mistakes, love hard, cry, laugh, grow, and LIVE! I am going to continue to work on my flaws but never lose my sprit!


1.  Be positive: Positive thinking brings inner peace, success, improved relationships, better health, happiness and satisfaction. Positivity also makes life look bright and promising. Surround yourself with only positive people and think positive.  Negativity energy is toxic and contagious. Cut off those losers and negative forces! Plus it leads to stress which is horrible for your overall LIFE and HEALTH!

2.  Be Consistent:  It’s this simple. In anything that you do, you have to be consistent in order to see results. Working out with consistency is important for achieving fitness results. A commitment to a  REGULAR workout regimen will increase your fitness level, improve your health and generate a greater sense of mental well being. You can’t start a fitness plan and do it for only for two weeks and think you are going to see something, you got to be CONSISTENT and stay DEDICATED!

3.  Add color to your life: When eating healthy, I suggest that your meal look like a rainbow:  Your plate should have tons of color! Red, green, yellow, the more colorful your plate is, the better it is for you. Taste a rainbow of fruits and vegetables for better health plus it super yummy

4.  Do a workout that you enjoy: Exercise is not just about aerobic capacity and muscle size. Sure, exercise improves your health and your physique, but it has even greater benefits for your energy, mood, and brainpower.  With that in mind, choose a workout plan that works for you! Dancing is one of my favorite workouts!  I put on my soca music for two hours and have a full out dance party! LOL By the time I am done, I feel great!!!!!!

5.   I don’t believe in diets I believe in lifestyle changes: Diets don’t work but LIFESTYLE CHANGES DO! No crash dieting, or spending 10 hours in the gym. This is unrealistic.  Start from small like switching from white bread to whole wheat bread.  Your lifestyle is not only your best defense against heart disease and stroke, it's also your responsibility. You want to make a life style progress not temporary satisfaction.

6.  Cardio is your best friend:  If you want to tone up,lose weight, reduce stress, you have to do cardio!Cardiovascular exercise simply means that you're involved in an activity that raises your heart rate to a level where you're working, but can still talk. YOU HAVE TO RUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! Train your body to love running; it’s the best way in my opinion to get a total body workout! I know we all get busy, but our health is our best investment. Bottom line: you need cardio if you want to get your weight under control and get your stress to a tolerable level.

7.  Confidence is everything: You can do this! The only person who can stop you from succeeding is yourself! 

On Thursday June 28, 2012, I covered the 2012 Congressional Baseball Game for DC Hotspots on DC50 CW Network. Now keep in mind, that same day, President Obama healthcare policy caused a stir in the White House.  Regardless of what your political beliefs are, people on both parties had tons of emotions. However, it was nice to see both parties coming together for a great cause.   Since 1909 the Congressional Baseball Game has been the only annual partisan showdown beloved by all and enjoyed by thousands. Every year, with a few interruptions, Senate and House members of each party team up to settle scores and solidify friendships off the floor and on the field. Members usually sport the uniform of their home states and districts, and although proportional representation is not required, elected officials of many states play to win every year. Over the last century the Congressional Baseball Game's popularity has contributed to its evolution into a fundraiser for two worthy and effective DC area charities, The Washington Literacy Council, and The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington. I love events like these! Check out the video! 

Check out my published article with Junior Reid in MNI Alive, a global marketing, networking,  information  resource aimed at connecting Caribbean people in the Diaspora.  Check out the link