Chardelle Moore

Chardelle Moore

Chardelle Moore is a multitalented television personality, producer, award winning motivational speaker, humanitarian and model.

Friday evening, Friday evening, Evelyn Lozada’s highly anticipated interview with Nightline’s Amy Robach aired. This was the first interview that the Basketball Wives’ star granted, since the alleged domestic dispute with her estranged husband Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson. Dressed in a conservative navy dress, the short 10 minute segment included a very tearful Evelyn, sharing her side of the story. This was the first interview that the Basketball Wives’ star granted, since the alleged domestic dispute with her estranged husband Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson. Evelyn Lozada says despite his arrest for allegedly head-butting her, she still loves estranged husband Chad Johnson  but adds she can't imagine speaking to him any time soon. This was a very emotional video. What are your thoughts? 

Monday, 27 August 2012 19:33

20 Random Facts about Char


1.    I love olives, yes olives, I am obsessed

2.    God is my  everything

3.    I am always laughing and smiling

4.    I can’t survive without gel: My hair is natural and very thick and curly. Gel is my beauty product must have!

5.    I always wanted to learn how to play the drums!

6.   I LOVE going out to eat and trying different food

7.    I am a dancing machine

8.    I can be the most clumsy person ever

9.    I WILL travel the world

10.  I love eveything about the arts 

11. I am obsessed with the ocean and love being outdoors

12. I love spending time by myself  

13. I am a book worm

14. Yes my beauty mark is real

15. My mom speaks to me in Creole more than English

16. I am a free spirit

17. I am more spiritual than religious

18. I love watching Lifetime

19. I love learning about cultures 

20. I am a nature lover, no wonder I am from the Nature Island of the Caribbean lol 


This week,Chardelle takes you to Caribbean style and Culture event in Washington DC and Maryland, Taste of Africa in Silver Spring and also images of Afropolitan event in Washington DC only on KALI TV. Enjoy the show!

Wow what an honor!  The love that I am receiving from the Dominican community is amazing!!! My parents always taught me the importance of maintaining my culture and preserving my heritage. Dominican Queen and Proud! I have been getting tons of emails, inboxes, and post from Dominicans all over the world!  Shedding tears right now as I speak, we are ALL ONE and seeing the unity in my people just pushes me to represent Dominica to the fullest! Shout out to for the article!!  Check out the link

Keep tweeting this: @ChardelleMoore should be the next host of @106andpark #106thesearch. This is why:

On August 11, 2012, I had a motivational speaking engagement at “Girl Talk Career Preparation” in partnership with D.R.E.A.M, a nonprofit organization which provides mentorship and resources to young, single mothers in the DC metropolitan area.

At this workshop, attendees get to ask questions to young established professionals from industries such as law enforcement, television, federal government and childcare. Guess which industry I represented :) 

Some of the women participating were part of self-sufficiency programs.  They are in or as a stipulation to maintain their housing at a nearby women’s shelter. Many of the young women in attendance have limited work experience and are currently searching for work and ways to enhance their professional skills.  

I am a firm believer that your past does not dictate your future; you are able to change your life now and told the ladies you can be anything you want to be!The road to success is always hard especially when deciding what career you want to pursue. Even my own parents don’t truly understand what I do, but that does not stop me from pursing my career and my dreams.

Choose a career YOU want to do! Nothing happens over night. There are going to be road blockers, obstacles, and off course haters, but do not entertain negativity.I call these factors dream blockers! You can do it. You got to put in the time, dedication, and be consistent. I still have so much to do and work on. It’s not easy but I am not going to stop and I am determined to let the youth know they can do it too!  Thanks for the love ladies and the goodies. Let’s continue to strive for our dreams and let NOTHING hold us back!  

FestAfrica 2011 largely lived up to its theme; “serving and touring Africa” as observed at the civic center in downtown Silver Spring Maryland. The 2-day celebration featured lots of musical performances and dance routines. Other highlights of the festival included African arts and crafts, African cuisine, games, storytelling and a health fair. Fest Africa also promotes community service and highlights non-profit organizations that work for the good of Africa


August 6. 2012- Last night I attended The United Sounds of Africa Tour. The event featured 2Face, M.I, Jesse Jagz, Brymo, J Martins, Timi Dokolo, Iyanya, and my girl Zewdy.  I love African music and culture.  I am so happy be working with KaliTV, an online independent media organization whose mission is to engage, inform, and entertain viewers with news and information about Africans in the Diaspora.  Stay tune because we have big things coming up.  

My look for the evening was very eclectic! A bright green belly shirt paired with bold accessories. If you decide to show off the midriff you got to keep the rest covered!  Always keep it sexy and classy. My blue fitted jeans tied my entire look together without looking over the top. My hair was pulled in a bun to draw detail to my outfit.  You can never go wrong with a bun! It is a true style staple. A go-to for a polished look or even just to disguise a bad hair day. Right now the bun is seeing sexy updates at every turn!

Check out my bag!  Very cultural and chic! I got this bag from a vintage store and feel in love with it. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to look good! The key is wearing your look with confidence and what works for you!

12 beautiful contestants competed in the Miss Caribbean Metro USA 2012 Pageant representing Dominica, Dominican Republic, St Lucia, Virginia Islands, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana, and Haiti. I hosted the event alongsideLiane Angus, a former Miss DC USA winner, and1st runner up in the Miss USA Pageant. The ladies were fierce, educated, community involved, and beautiful. Anytime you compete in a pageant, it’s not easy! Getting up in front of a crowd of people showcasing your talent, answer questions, and not to mention wearing a swimsuit!

I told all the contestants use this opportunity and MILK IT. You don’t have to win the crown to make personal and professional progress. Go out there and make a name for yourself! Use this as your push! I have competed in a pageant before and done competitions where I did not win, but guess what? I took the experiences and ran with it! I still got my press, made connections, and got even more involved. Everything in life is how you make it! Congratulations to ALL the ladies and I can’t wait to see ALL OF YOU soar.

Winner - Charise Licorish/Guyana; First Runner up - Jenelle Mungo/Trinidad and Tobago; Second Runner up - Nandi Walcott/St. Lucia.

On Saturday August 4, 2012, I did a radio interview on Presidential Suite w/Dez the Prez featuring Bo. There is never a dull moment with these guys! They are very full of energy and daring!I had great time as we discussed everything from the Olympics, my career, background, and future goals! Off course it is always a dance party with dancing Char! We partied “International Style” with BO spinning great party music from all over the world! Great times with great people! Thanks for the love guys! For booking email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chardelle Moore featured in “CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY LIVE” –“Chardelle Moore Empowers And Inspires” Click the link